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Lions vs Packers - Week 17 (1 Viewer)

When one team is 5-10 and the other is 6-8-1 and it's week 17, you don't exactly get Fox Sports' A-team, but I'd be happy if they at least gave us the D-team. Who are these guys?

Absolutely disgusted by the Packers effort. The Lions didn't even try to disguise that fake FG, Prater just stands there in shotgun, and the Packers still give up an uncovered TD. Mark Murphy should gets lots of angry letters. FIRE THEM ALL!!!

the stink is soooo bad coming off the field that even Mark Murphy has to be able to smell it up in his ivory tower. When does he start getting held accountable?

Ouch!  You should get a refund.  Worst December loss at Lambeau in franchise history.
Best comment in the game...they were showing fans signs in the screen (just after Kizer came in) and one said “I came 2000 miles for my first Packers game”.  Guy behind me comments “Kizers family doesn’t even come 2000 miles to see him play”.

Still a fun time going since I don’t make it as much...but a crappy effort.

Don't really mind the loss today as they are riddled yet again with injuries*. But the complete lack of effort by the starters is inexcusable. Have never seen such a pathetic showing. Definitely points to the players being the problem rather than Coach McCarthy. Not a good sign if any potential head-coaches were watching. They gonna be like, "Ummm, thanks, but NO THANKS"

* At least it was Pepper Burress' last game as he is retiring


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