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Lions vs Vikings - Week 9 (1 Viewer)

So Rudolph gets the TD even though Murray probably scored it? That sucks for some fantasy footballers. 

The Li9ns with a long drive.

Blown coverage on Alexander part of it. Now 1st and goal after a hands to the face penalty on Linval Joseph.

False start on the Lions pushes them back. The Vikings playing good run defense. Griffen is getting held a lot but still getting pressure. Stunt inside leads to a sack.

Prater with the field goal.

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I have no idea what Cousins was thinking there, but he's locking onto Thielen.

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After Hunters sack Rhodes strips out the ball on the tackle but it goes out of bounds. Then Stafford throws a dirt ball to Jones which pops up in the air and a defender has a chance at it.

The defense has played quite a bit in this game but still bringing the heat. Weatherly made plays when he was in for Griffen. Tom Johnson has made some plays.

Just in case the game's not decided by Stafford getting sacked 20 times so far, defense keeps giving the vikes chances.

Just like last week the Vikings are driving and in position for points but careless toss and fumble lands right in Detroits lap making this a game again.

Well, at least Thielen will be mentioned with Calvin Johnson from now on.


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