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List 3-4 starting RBs who you know will get hurt and miss more than 1 (1 Viewer)


We always see multiple RBs get hurt each year, but are some always going to get hurt and miss time.

I am curious what everyone predicts and what you think will happen.

I am leaving AP off the list so that I do not "jinx" him. Her said he wants the rushing record this year, which makes me think he may push too hard and get hurt because of it.

My guess on who is almost guaranteed to get hurt and miss at least 1 game:

1. D. McFadden: Short of a Terrell Pryor miracle, they will have to lean on him. The more attempts he gets, the odds of his getting hurt go up and up.

2. DeMarco Murray: Being a Cowboys fan, I know it is coming. He has been hurt in the past and will most likely miss time starting by week 5 or so.

3. Arian Foster: Will put up some impressive stats again, but will miss playing time again. Ben Tate was selected in all three drafts I was in this year.

4. Reggie Bush: Good luck with the Lions. Maybe if Stafford has a better year, he can protect Bush more.

I hope I did not pick your starters and would like to see an injury free season, but we all know it will happen.


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