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List of all left-handed quarterbacks ever (1 Viewer)

Chase Stuart

Frankie Albert

Terry Baker

Mark Brunell

Ernie Case

Jim DelGaizo

Bobby Douglass

Boomer Esiason

Will Furrer

Tony Graziani

David Greene

David Humm

Matt Leinart

Jared Lorenzen

Matt Lytle

Todd Marinovich

Steve Matthews

Paul McDonald

Cade McNown

Scott Mitchell

Doug Nussmeier

Dave Ragone

Allie Sherman

Chris Simms

Ken Stabler

Michael Vick

Eric Wilhelm

Steve Young

Jim Zorn



The Pats had a no-name QB during their miserable years by the name of Jeff Carlson. I believe he was a southpaw.


Raider Nation

Devil's Advocate
Was just watching the "Top-10 Lefty QBs" on NFLN. The list:

10) Scott Mitchell

9) "The Field" (they just named a bunch of other ones) :boxing:

8) Bobby Douglass

7) Jim Zorn

6) Michael Vick

5) Mark Brunell

4) Frankie Albert

3) Boomer Esiason

2) Ken Stabler

1) Steve Young

Man, left-handed QBs are a dying breed. If Vick doesn't get the job back, there will be no current lefty starters in the league.


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