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Live Audible 9/5 10 pm Eastern - Questions Go Here (1 Viewer)

I'm in the FFPC main event on Saturday and am curious if you believe anyones value from tonights game has jumped significantly, and if so where would you take them.(You can enter players from this game into your week 1 lineup, Ogletree went in the 6th of 1 league last year for example).

Thanks guys, big fan of The Audible.

in a PPR i'm struggling between Micheal Floyd @STL and Miles Austin v.NYG. both number 2's next to stud 1's, their situations are similar. how do you see their respective matchups playing out.

Happy kickoff day. Hopefully we'll get some clarity and perhaps even a Shrine game mention or two tonight. ;)

Not that I was consciously trying to do it, but on one of my teams I ended up drafting almost the whole Dallas offense (Romo, Murray, Dez Bryant, Witten). I know Matt has spoke out against this before. What are your thoughts on this in general and should I be looking to diversify my roster?

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I've seen Waldman move Eddie Lacy in his rookie rankings from 1st to 4th and back again. Where would he rate Lacy going into the season and what player does he most resemble in terms of playing style?

Which WR has more dynasty upside? Stephen Hill or Justin Hunter (both 6'4/6'5 freaks with speed and leaping ability)

There's a trend for NFL offenses to get in as many snaps as possible (ala the Patriots and the Eagles), and there is a trend for teams to run a read-option offense with a QB with running ability. Which, if either, of these trends is likely to be adopted by a majority of NFL teams? And which, if either, of these trends is likely to still be a part of the NFL game a decade from now?

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Thanks for your help - Had my draft last night and waited on QB. after the 11th qb was taken I waited 4 rounds before taking Romo! Ive got some RB depth but embarrassingly weak at WR. .5 ppr start 3 wr

Who to start at flex: DeAngelo Williams, Ryan Matthews, or Ben Tate (I am starting Foster and ALF)

(2 parts for WR help) Which WR to start in week 1 and which WR for rest of season? Broyles, Streater, Robert Woods or McCluster (starting Damaryius Thomas and Greg Jennings).

Big game tonight!!! Come on Broncos!!! Thanks!

Elvis Dumervil will be returning to Denver tonight in a Ravens uniform after Dumervil's now former agent infamously failed to timely file paperwork this past offseason. If Dumervil has a multi-sack game and the Broncos lose, should the agent consider going into hiding?

WDIS nonppr Austin vs. NYG or TY vs. OAK. Both have looked great in preseason! TY has easier matchup but Miles game could turn into a shootout. Your thoughts?

As always THANKS and keep up the GREAT WORK!!!!!!

Maybe you should solicit questions earlier - maybe we could submit better questions. I would give ti some thought but have to run and just saw this post.

Could you guys please discuss the possible future of Fred Davis. he has had a very interesting carreer so far. What is his best case scenario?

Generally speaking, is it time to completely cut the cord on Jonathan Stewart in dynasty? Assuming no immediate need for a flex/bye week plug-in, where would you draw the line on players that you would drop Stewart in order to pick them up?

My specific situation is that I've got McCoy, T. Richardson, D. Wilson, D. Richardson, and Kendall Hunter in addition to Stewart. I'm severely tempted to just drop Stewart outright. Unfortunately, the wire is pretty thin. Would you drop Stewart for guys like Helu, Ryan Williams or Stepfan Taylor, Lance Dunbar, Chris Polk, or Cierre Wood? Even though I don't forsee Stewart ever making it back into my lineup or regaining trade value, that's some pretty slim pickings.

A few questions about mid round/late round running backs.

Who's the backup to McFadden?

Who's the guy to own on the Jets?

Who is this C.J. Anderson guy?

Love your show...

In a league where TE and WR are interchangeable and you don't need to start a WR, where do Tyler Eifert, Julius Thomas and other emerging TE's rank among WR's?

Thanks for the input.

Question. Can you comment on EJ Manuel. How big is his upside? He seems to be on most waivers and has talent around him. Also, if the diggy diggy doc can comment on his health that would be great.

Secondly, the title says 9/8. Is that a typo or do i actually have to wait until the 8th?

Are we seeing the move in Denver to Welker and Julius Thomas? Making my pick up of D. Thomas a bad move? Looks like the Denver mind set is to play underneath.

Okay. Now I feel a little better, but it still looks like Welker has commanding role...more so than I think the pundits thought.


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