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Need a little help for the last game before the playoffs, Win and I'm in, lose and I might not make the playoffs.

WR (PPR w/1pt per 10 receiving yards, 6pts for TD)

Need 3:

R. White @ NO (Start)

S. Smith @ TB

M. Colston @ Atl

L. Moore @ Atl

A. Toomer @ Phi

I'm going to start White, but for the other two I'm having problems with should I start both Colston and Moore (I have Brees as QB and would hate to put all my eggs in one basket (game)) or should I go with Smith and Colston (Smith has been getting yards but not many TD or receptions) Should I keep Toomer on the bench in case someone gets hurt?


Don't laugh to hard because my RBs aren't that great.

Need 2:

P. Hillis @ KC

S. Jackson @ Ari

MJD @ Chi

L. Washington @ SF

P. Thomas @ Atl

I'm leaning towards Hillis (4 TD in the last 3 weeks) and P. Thomas (5 TDs (4 rush, 1 rec) in the last 3 weeks), I would love to start Jackson but when ever I start him he leaves the game, when I bench him he's productive.


Need 1:

H. Miller @ Dal

J. Carlson @ NE


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Here is a question from PosterNutBag in Baltimore, MD:

Given the dip in targets (and production) for Dwayne Bowe over the past few weeks (although most WRs don't produce against Nnamdi Asomugha), how do you see him faring against Denver this week in light of the fact that Denver pass defense played very well last week against the Jets WRs? Is it going to be another lights out game for Tony Gonzalez or does Thigpen spread it around a little more and get Bowe involved again?
Hey guys,

I need a little lineup advice too!!

In a .5PPR league with 1/10 and 1/30 and all TD's =6, I have the following options:

RB--Westy, LT, Lynch and the Oakland pair

WR--Boldin, Marshall and Colston

I can only start 5 of these guys. Gotta start Boldin and LT given his success against Oakland. Marshall and Colston have both been under performing, but have pretty good matchups at home. Lynch has been hot lately and has an OK matchup against Miami in what is likely the Bills last chance to make any kind of playoff push. Do I dare bench Westy after he blew up Zona? Pretty unfavourable matchup against the Gmen on the road. I'm leaning toward benching Lynch and the Oakland pair right now and going with 3 WR's.

Also I have these options at TE: Keller, Scheffler and Miller. Keller has been the most consistent recently, but I love Scheffler's upside (just not his floor). And Miller gets the TE bonanza known as SD. Also I'm starting Cutler, so that would be alot of eggs in the Denver passing game basket...


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Need lineup advice for 1st playoff game:

Start: 1 QB 3WR, 2 RB,. 1 Flex, 1 TE, 1 PK 1 D) .5 ppr.

My team:

QB Romo, Kollins

RB A. Peterson, J Lewis, R. Bush, P. Thomas, C. Taylor

WR R. White, J. Cotchery, L. Coles, B. Berrian, D. Mason, S. Rice

Thinking to go with Romo despite tough matchup.

Going to start ADP and Roddy of course.

confused about the rest, especially RB.

Seems like probably Bush as second RB. then up in the air, need two more WR and 1 flex. Do I start Chester in the Flex position?

Also leaning towards Cotchery, and Mason as the other two WR, but also wondering whether Berrian should be in there against the crappy Detroit D.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Same boat here ... WDIS 12 Team Current record 8-4

I win and I am in the playoffs as teh #4 Seed (only 4 make it).

TD = 6 Bonus at 100 yard Rush/Rec +0.5 ppr

RB's Bonus at 50 yard Rec

Pick 7 (2 RB, 3 WR, 2 Flex)

RB: Ronnie Brown, Ryan Grant, Steven Jackson are givens

Other choices: J Norwood, Fred Jackson, Caddy Williams, Brandon Jackson

WR: Cotchery, L Evans, S Holmes, V Jackson, K Walter

(lost Plaxico to IR - Idiot Reserve)

For the last WR & Flex Spot, do I am planing to start Caddy & Walter and sit V Jackson.... Thoughts?

Appreiciate the advice!!

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PPR, 0.1 points/yard rushing/receiving

Having a hell of a time choosing my WR2 and flex

At WR2 (not the best of options behind Fitz), one of:

Ted Ginn Jr. or Davone Bess against the Bills in the 'Dome

Matt Jones vs da Bears

At Flex:

Peyton Hillis vs the Chiefs or Chester Taylor against the swiss cheese run defense in Detroit

Coming to you again from Canada, where the possibility of Ricky Williams returning to the CFL is big news for CFL fans...

First though my question to you in song....(Metallica "One" fix....can Sigmund sing it?)....

QB's have got me no points!

Lost me my lead !

Last in standings!

Went with Ferrotte.

Went with Delhomme.

Went with Shaun Hill

Left me a team in hell!!

So therein lies my question. 2 different leagues, 2 simple question

Team 1. 1st round of playoffs

Pick any 2: Shaun Hill, Ferrotte, Delhomme, Hassellback. 15 yards=1 point. TD's = 7pts. (-2) ints

Team 2: Fighting for last playoff spot

Pick any 2 rbs to NOT play: CJ, LJ, Fargas, Addai, Slaton, Grant, Pierre Thomas.

Thanks boys!

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Hello Guys.

Week one in the playoffs and I'm looking at team defense. Pretty standard scoring. Which Defense is my best bet for this week:

Jets @ SF, Dolphins at Buffalo, or Cardinals vs STL?

Hey Guys!

Two tough choices this week:


McNabb or Schaub

Starting to prefer Schaub if he looks to be healthy over McNabb @ NYG. Packers have been passed on more lately and Schaub has only one bad FF game this year (vs Titans). Or wait till he shakes the rust off?


1 PPR standard scoring flex spot

Benson vs Indy- should get many touches against a weak run D, will they be behind too early to run?

Hester vs Jax- banged up DB's but will he get enough looks?

Could also plug in Cadillac or B. Jackson

Looking to next year- I have AD as my #1 RB, and a bunch of RB's with potential. Which of the RB's below have the best chance at being the #1 for their team and being my #2 and #3 RB:





B Jackson



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I have a Week 14 bye in the playoffs, but I could use a good Week 15 defense pick-up. Which of these has the best matchup in Weeks 15 (and maybe 16)?







Hey Guys,

Looking forward to the show! I'm in the playoffs and have a big decision at QB where all TDs are 6 points:

Jake Delhomme vs. TB... Kerry Collins vs. CLE... or Joe Flacco vs. WAS? (I know these options suck)

Also, in a PPR would you bench Lance Moore this week for Domenk Hixon or Kevin Walter?


ps- great job on recommending Peyton Hillis... this guy is saving my bacon!

I think I got a nice team, the only problem is I keep starting the wrong guys.

0.25 PPR

start QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex (wr/rb)

Rodgers vs Hou

Thigpen @ Den

Boldin vs St Louis

Colston vs Atl

Welker vs Sea

Eddie Royal vs KC

LT vs Oak

Addai vs Cin

Peyton Hillis vs KC

So basically I've got to pick 5 out of the 7, at least 2 wrs and 2 rbs and the 5th spot can either be a wr or a rb. which combo would you go with?

kind of leaning towards Rodgers, Boldin, Colston, LT, Hillis...and for the flex it's going to be either Welker or Addai (not sure with Jeff Saturday out and Indy offense playing so poorly.)

By the time you get this question, LT might've already played, and I feel like if LT does well, Welker would be the better play whereas if LT does poorly, Addai would be more of a bigger gamble. Or is there someone you'd go with regardless of how LT does tonight?

Agree or disagree?


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Hey, I made it into the playoffs in all four of my leagues. Thanks guys.

I have a quick question about the one elimination game I have this week (non PPR):

QB - Jay Cutler

WR - Brandon Marshall

WR - Marques Colston

RB - Marshawn Lynch

RB - Peyton Hillis

TE - Chris Cooley

W/R - ?????

K - Matt Prater

DEF - Minnesota

For the W/R I can chose from Tim Hightower, Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas, Brandon Jackson or Eddie Royal. Hightower has the best matchup, but has been playing terrible. Also, would you swap any of these RB plays for T.M.S. Marshawn with his dubious matchup?


P.S. How 'bout some love for my Jayhawks taking down Missouri! Rock Chalk!

Coloradan Stuck in Texas


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Cecil, what the heck is Obama thinking in choosing Robert Gibbs for his Press Secretary? I was so looking forward to hearing Enter Sandman in lieu of Hail to The Chief! Now that would have been change we can believe in.

I have heard a number of rumors regarding potential repercussions regarding Ahmad Bradshaw and the probation he was on at the time of the incident with Plaxico. What do you all know about this?

What do you like about the situation in San Francisco with regards to Josh Morgan? Both Sigmund and Matt Waldman have come around to this guy. What is it he has shown in the pros that he didn't show in college?

Get some chains for that Audi of yours Cecil; you don't want to end up in Clear Creek!

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Im looking for some help so I dont have to worry about my fantasy squad on sunday while Im watching the Stillers show up Dallas, maybe.

-Should I go with Bush vs ATL or MB3 vs PIT?? My only other options are McGahee and Rhodes

-Also, who should I roll with at the flex: Cotchery vs SF, Bowe vs DEN, or Royal vs KC...or 1 of the unlikely above


Happy Holidays Gents!

Standard scoring redraft.

I need WR2 and WR3 behind Reggie Wayne.

here are my options;

S. Breaston

A. Gonzales

M. Floyd

V. Jackson

M. Jenkins

or Chad Ocho "I'll be a Raider this time next year" Cinco.

Thanks guys and how about some Queensryche "Empire" for us loyal Titans fans eh?

Hey guys....last year was my first playing ff (an old dog tryin to learn new tricks) and I finished last in my league.

This year, with no small help from you, I'm in the playoffs...hoping to keep the ball rolling, and make some of that $ back from all the waiver moves and trades that I've pulled off.

League in non ppr, standard scoring on offense:

question numero uno: start two at RB....Turner (he's one) so the other starter from: Larry Johnson, Reggie Bush, Ronnie Brown?

question numero dos: our D has non standard scoring....points don't count at all...

we start w/ 33 pts: 21 pts receiving and 12 pts rushing and are deducted a pt for each 10 yds gained by the opponent in the respective category.

we also get 1 pt for sack, int, dfr; 2 pts for a safty; 6 pts for Def TD

So do I start the Ravens or the Jets?

Thanks for the help...and to all those old dogs out there that are looking to learn how to really approach this game we call ff...subscribe....listen, and you to may go from last to kickin ###. Believe me kickin ### is more fun. And as always I'll be sitting back, listen to the show with my glass of Jack Black.

40 more minutes to get questions in... looks like there were won't be any good football to watch after 10 EST anyway

RB2 behing ADP. Grant/BJackson, Parker, KSmith, PThomas?

I'm leaning toward Parker if he practices.

TD heavy Milestone. No PPR.

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here's a Q(got away for a minute)

is this how you prepare for a big game?

Cowboys loading up on rest before facing Steelers

By JAIME ARON – 1 day ago

IRVING, Texas (AP) — Going into a tough final month that will determine whether the preseason NFC favorite Dallas Cowboys even make the playoffs, coach Wade Phillips unveiled a new strategy Wednesday: rest.

Phillips sent home Terrell Owens and four other 30-something starters before the full-squad workout and said he might keep doing it.

"I just think it's the time of year ... we need to take a look at resting some of these guys, take them off their feet," Phillips said. "It'll keep them fresher this time of the season. That's something I felt like we needed to do."

Owens, Greg Ellis, Flozell Adams, Zach Thomas and Marc Colombo went to meetings in the morning, a walkthrough of this week's game plan and a film session. Then they left, even though the entire team was off four of the previous five days and weren't in pads on the one day they did work.

Phillips said the time off before Wednesday was irrelevant. He's concerned about limiting how much practice time those guys log Wednesday through Saturday.

"It doesn't matter what they did before. It's the work week," he said. "If they work this week, then their legs are going to be a certain way this week. ... You still get worn down the same amount if you spend that time on the field this week, in my opinion."

On the practice report, their absence was described as "not injury related — resting veterans." That line might appear the next few weeks, too.

"It's a good possibility," Phillips said. "We did it some (last season), but not as much."

Phillips' approach is sure to draw scrutiny considering Dallas (8-4) is fighting for a wild-card berth in the playoffs and will have to really earn its way in. The Cowboys' next three foes currently have the NFL's three best defenses, starting with the top-ranked Steelers (9-3).

Dallas also is trying to overcome a growing tradition of failure this time of year. The Cowboys haven't had a winning record over regular-season games played in December and January since 1996, which also was the last season they won a playoff game. It's the longest stretch without a playoff win in franchise history, heightened by a flop after going 13-3 under Phillips last season.

Heading into the final month on a three-game winning streak, Dallas likely needs a 3-1 finish to secure a wild-card berth. Going 2-2 might be enough, but there's a risk of getting squeezed out on tiebreakers.

So, with players needing to be at their very best down the stretch, Phillips is gambling that practicing less will help. He also prefers sitting guys all at once rather than spreading it out "because of the practice schedule and what we have to get accomplished."

"There are certain things we have to get accomplished throughout the week," he said. "Missing certain days would not be good in some cases."

DeMarcus Ware (hyperextended knee) and Marion Barber (dislocated pinkie toe) also missed practice Wednesday. Phillips said they likely won't practice Thursday, either, but he's hopeful both can play Sunday.

Adam "Pacman" Jones was among those who did practice — in his pajamas. The recently unsuspended cornerback wore a pair of shorts on top of blue pajama pants with Homer Simpson's face all over the legs and the phrase "I'm so smart."

High winds forced the team into their indoor practice facility, and a deejay set up inside to blare music to simulate the expected crowd noise at Heinz Field. However, during the time reporters were allowed to watch, the music wasn't all that loud. In fact, several players were swaying and dancing to the beat.

The party atmosphere was heightened by the presence of about 35 fans, many of them taking pictures and having photos taken with former Cowboys offensive lineman Nate Newton. Fans often watch outdoor practices from a holding area, but by being indoors they were right up against the sideline.

"It's just part of it. I don't think our players notice. I don't notice," Phillips said. "Same thing when you're playing a game, you don't notice the crowd. So when you're practicing, you shouldn't notice the people out there."

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Need some help.

TD heavy league with distance scoring and yardage bonuses (Passing 300/400, Rushing/Receiving 100/150)

Quarterback (Pick 1)

Jake Delhomme / Matt Schaub / Gus Frerotte

Running backs (Pick 2)

Ronnie Brown / Brian Westbrook / Clinton Portis / Sammy Morris

Wide Receivers (Pick 3)

Bernard Berrian / Jerricho Cotchery / Justin Gage / Devin Hester / Santonio Holmes / Kevin Walter

Thanks guys I enjoy your work.

Thanks to everyone for coming in and listening, chatting and asking the many fine questions in the forum!


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