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LIVE VEGAS AUCTION LEAGUE - $700 - ***READ*** (1 Viewer)


I could NOT find the old thread for some reason - so I am just starting a new one - sorry.

SO - let's say you are going out to Vegas in early September to enjoy the NFL Opening Weekend 2008.

Let's say you have some other activities regarding FF already on the calendar for Friday and/or Saturday.

NOW - what are you doing Thursday night? Sitting in some smokey bar on an uncomfortable bar stool watching the game? BOGUS!


It is a private $700 Auction League that I ran for the first time last year and we already have 10 players of the 12 committed to this coming year. All but the suite cost and food are returned as prizes SO while it seems like a lot - the payout is REAL HIGH since you reap all of the benefits with food and room - the only true money not benefiting the owners of this league is the overall fee of $100 for MFL and related PayPal fees - TOTAL RETURN TO OWNERS = 98% - if you look at it that way! :)

Here's the link to the site for rules - http://www30.myfantasyleague.com/2008/home/20408

BUT - THE BEST PART is the actual room we will auction out of - it is the MEDIA SUITE at Mandalay Bay - it has a 65" HD TV with surround sound. We plan to gather there for the NFL kickoff and do the auction right after the game. Co-managers are welcome at no additional cost except for maybe a little bit towards food if need be!

LINK TO MEDIA SUITE - http://www.mandalaybay.com/accommodations/gcMediaSuite.aspx

Should be a great league and super competitive - good players in this one.

There are some really good teams in this (check the site for some team names you may recognize) - so let's fill it up and make sure it happens.

1st = $4,000

2nd = $2,000

3rd = $1,000

4th = $300 (new for 2008)


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Leroy's Aces

I was in this league last year and was fortunate enough to win it. I was paid quickly by Foursport.

The league is a lot of fun with a great group of players in a luxury suite.

Just be sure to join the FFPC on Friday night, too. :thumbup:


Leroy's Aces

PS If anyone has any questions about this league from a player's perspective, please email me at dave@theFFPC.com and I will be glad to help.


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