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Looks like Logan Payne is now the #1 WR for the Seahawks due to injury. We all know how that can play out. From super stud to super dud or anywhere in between. But this looks like a good guy to take a flyer on. He has a really good qb, a great system for WR's. Courtney Taylor's failure is now this guys reward. He is 6'2 215 pounds so he has good size on him plus he is only 23. If you guys have any info on him. Like his speed, hands, route running please post here.

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Payne is one of the worst WRs that I've seen in the NFL in recent memory. Does anyone have the catch % on this guy including the preseason? I've got to think it's down around 15-20%.

The guy drops everything. Everything. Go back and watch his preseason and week 1 and you'll see that he gets two hands on almost every ball thrown his way, but holds on to hardly any.


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