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London stadium delays - Raiders -Seahawks moved to Wembley (1 Viewer)


Breaking news that the new home of Tottenham Hotspur ( and site of an NFL game this year) is facing delays for safety reasons.

From BBC

Spurs had been expected to play their first game at the new ground on 15 September against Liverpool but that match has now been switched to Wembley.

Tottenham's following home game against Cardiff on 6 October has also been moved to Wembley.

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More info from BBC

An NFL fixture between Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders, scheduled to be hosted on 14 October, will also now take place at Wembley instead of Spurs' new 62,062-seat arena, built on the site of their old White Hart Lane ground.

Spurs had already agreed with the Premier League to play their first home game of the season, which is against Fulham on Saturday, at Wembley.

A club statement read: "Recent testing and commissioning has now shown issues with the critical safety systems.

"We are reviewing the situation and planned timetable to rectify and re-test, after which we shall be in a better position to outline a revised timetable.


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