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Long-established, highly competitive IDP league vacancies (1 Viewer)

Miro Z

I run a series of big IDP leagues on MFL and Fleaflicker, which typically have 40-50 man rosters. These are very well-established leagues, having been around for 15 years or so, and feature super-experienced and very friendly league members.

Cost is either free (for Fleaflicker) or $7 a year just to cover MFL costs.

I recently lost one very long-standing member of these leagues and so have several replacement teams. I am looking for a really experienced (5 years of IDP experience minimum) and active owner who enjoys complex leagues.

Please email me at miroslav.z@gmail.com if this sounds up your street.

Hi there. Did you run a free 2 QB/IDP league on yahoo? If so, you kicked me out because I didn't do any pre-draft rankings and I hadn't gotten around to adding/dropping anyone yet. I was totally going to participate, I was just being very lazy at the time. But sorry for flaking I guess.  


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