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Long-standing auction salary cap redraft league looking for an owner (2 Viewers)


Howdy! I commish a redraft, online, auction salary cap league that is in our 25th year. Our league has very competitive owners who are also great people - many of us have become friends over the years. We rarely have openings, but this year, we will have a couple. A few words about the league:
- 16 teams in 4 divisions, redraft, online auction, 6 teams make the play-offs
- $150 entry fee, all paid out in prizes (minus the MFL website fee). Entry fee incudes NFL play-off competition; Survivor competition; our own FBG survivor-style tourney, and more.
- Superflex, points per first down, mandatory rookie position (yes, rookies in redraft!)
- Rules that amplify and encourage trading and league activity - this is not a "set it and forget it" league
- Extremely competitive - generally speaking, on average, 4 new teams make the play-offs each year

If this sounds like your up of tea and you'd like to learn more, please drop me an email at genester7@gmail.com. I will be happy to share the full rules and to answer any questions you may have. Looking forward to another great season!

P.S. Our auction draft is now set for Tuesday, Sep 3 at 6pm Eastern time.
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