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Longest tenured Current NFL Coaches (1 Viewer)


I've looked on the internet but have found nothing. Anybody know where I can find a list of the head coaches that have been with their current teams the longest? I think Cowher's been with Pitt for 14 years but after that, I'm unsure.Thanks.

Here were the numbers back at the beginning of this season:14 Bill Cowher Pittsburgh12 Jeff Fisher Tennessee11 Mike Shanahan Denver7 Brian Billick Baltimore7 Mike Holmgren Seattle6 Mike Sherman Green Bay6 Bill Bellichick New England6 Jim Haslett New Orleans6 Andy Reid Philadelphia6 Mike Martz St. Louis5 **** Vermeil Kansas City5 Herman Edwards NY Jets4 John Fox Carolina4 Dom Capers Houston4 Tony Dungy Indianapolis4 Mike Tice Minnesota4 Marty Schottenheimer San Diego4 Jon Gruden Tampa Bay3 Marvin Lewis Cincinnati3 Bill Parcells Dallas3 Steve Mariucci Detroit3 Jack Del Rio Jacksonville2 Dennis Green Arizona2 Jim Mora Jr. Atlanta2 Mike Mularkey Buffalo2 Lovie Smith Chicago2 Tom Coughlin NY Giants2 Norv Turner Oakland2 Joe Gibbs Washington1 Romeo Crennel Cleveland1 Nick Saban Miami1 Mike Nolan San Francisco

Here were the numbers back at the beginning of this season:

14 Bill Cowher Pittsburgh

12 Jeff Fisher Tennessee

11 Mike Shanahan Denver

7 Brian Billick Baltimore

7 Mike Holmgren Seattle

6 Mike Sherman Green Bay

6 Bill Bellichick New England

6 Jim Haslett New Orleans

6 Andy Reid Philadelphia

6 Mike Martz St. Louis

5 **** Vermeil Kansas City

5 Herman Edwards NY Jets

4 John Fox Carolina

4 Dom Capers Houston

4 Tony Dungy Indianapolis

4 Mike Tice Minnesota

4 Marty Schottenheimer San Diego

4 Jon Gruden Tampa Bay

3 Marvin Lewis Cincinnati

3 Bill Parcells Dallas

3 Steve Mariucci Detroit

3 Jack Del Rio Jacksonville

2 Dennis Green Arizona

2 Jim Mora Jr. Atlanta

2 Mike Mularkey Buffalo

2 Lovie Smith Chicago

2 Tom Coughlin NY Giants

2 Norv Turner Oakland

2 Joe Gibbs Washington

1 Romeo Crennel Cleveland

1 Nick Saban Miami

1 Mike Nolan San Francisco
collected it yourself, or do you have a link?

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