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Look where the rooks went in our new dynasty (1 Viewer)

The rookies were included in our new start up dynasty draft...we have 30 roster spots so alot of these guys were gonna get drafted...so far we 18rounds deep.

Check it out.

1.05 Reggie Bush ------ Cali Gigolos

3.09 DeAngelo Williams -----Bucketheads

5.03 LenDale White ------- Dragons

5.04 Laurence Maroney ------- Stars

6.06 Vernon Davis ---------Goon's

7.12 Chad Jackson ----------B.Hogg

8.06 Santanio Holmes ---------Cali Gigolos

8.07 Joseph Addai -----------Vikings

9.05 Maurice Drew ------------Goon's

9.07 Brian Calhoun ---------- B.Hogg

9.12 Vince Young ------------ Cali Gigolos

10.02 Jerome Harrison -----------Drunk not Stupid

11.02 Sinorice Moss ------------Gnus

11.07 Jerious Norwood ----------Cali Gigolos

12.04 Matt Leinart ------------- Bucketheads

12.11 Jay Cutler -------------- Gnus

13.07 Brandon Marshall ---------Goons

13.11 Taurean Henderson ---------Drunk not Stupid

14.02 Mercedes Lewis ------------Drunk not Stupid

14.08 Leonard Pope ---------------Cali Gigolos

14.11 De'arrius Howard ----------- Gnus

15.11 Leon Washington ----------Drunk not Stupid

16.01 Demetrius Williams ----------Cali Gigolos

16.02 Dominique Byrd ----------------Drunk not Stupid

16.07 Omar Jacobs ------------------Dragons

17.05 Andre Hall -----------------Cali Gigolos

18.08 Maurice Stovall ------------Cali Gigolos

18.09 Derek Hagan ------------- Stars

18.10 Mike Hass ------------ Vikings


I really dont understand why people draft like this just before the NFL draft. Waiting a few weeks, you know the rookies' situations and can draft appropriately.

Just my opinion. Do as you will.

Hey thats how the commish set it up...yeah its some what unusual...but i like it for the league as alot of guys are unknown...we drafting on pure talent....

Plus the NFL draft will be fun as hell to watch now....

Im taking off of work that saturday so i can be at home all day watching the draft! LOL

Mike Hass was a steal

will end up being the best WR in this class

I guess you wanna know exactly where they land before you draft them eh?As far myself i rather go for 2nd year or 3rd year players..I have only drafted Chad Jackson and B.Calhoun, since have traded Chad Jackson and have aquired Joseph Addai. Im not too keen on this draft class as other aside from the top 12 guys overall...


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