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Looking for 10-14 team, Snake, dynasty, PPR, money league (1 Viewer)


As for IDP I am interested in both IDP and Non IDP leagues. Myself, I'm an experienced 5 year FF owner who has played in many leagues over the years, especially different types/rules. More details can be provided at request.

I could also join an established league that requires an owner/owners.

Money is not a concern, however <$200 is preferred.

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My name is Joseph Loiacono and I have been the Commish of the Ultimate Leagues online for over 20 years. One of my Leagues, the Ult 3, just had an owner drop out and I am looking for an experienced owner who can fit right in. You seem to be ideal for the League.

I can offer you most of what you are looking for: This is a 12 team re-draft League. We will be drafting via a traditional snake draft that will be held on Tuesday, September 3rd at 7:30 PM, Eastern Time, so you will have to be available for this date. The League is on My Fantasy League and we will be drafting in that draft room.

The League fee is $150 that will go into the prize fund, plus another $10 to help pay for the site. All money will be distributed to the top four finishers in a 50%/25%/15%/10% split.

The only thing I cannot offer you YET is PPR, HOWEVER, each year the owners in the League submit rule change suggestions that the league votes on to see what new rules we will add. The PPR is again up for a league vote and it looks like there is a good chance it will pass this year.

We have a full Constitution all set up that I could send to you, as well as a link to the site so you could check everything out.

Please contact me as soon as you read this, whether you are interested or not, just to let me know, and if you ARE interested, I can send you the link and the Constitution so you could check everything out. My E-mail address is UltCommish@aol.com.

I really look forward to hearing from you, and to welcoming you into our League!


Hey man,

I just started a new league for the same reason. It's 12 teams, .5 PPR scoring and normal settings.

The draft will be live on-line on Yahoo currently scheduled for Sunday August 25th at 7:00 pm EST but that's flexible based on when everyone is available.

The buy-in is $25 using LeagueSafe (w/ League Vote) to ensure safe keeping of league funds & 100% payout. The settings can be found at: http://football.fant...625432/settings

I've been a commissioner for multiple leagues both online and work leagues. Just wanted to start another fun and competitive league this year. If you want to join, feel free to email me at revolutionary_milkman@yahoo.com. Just started it so there are a lot of spots open.



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