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Looking for 10 Serious Fantasy Dynasty Players ($250.00 Keeper le (1 Viewer)


For more information email epicffl2013@yahoo.com

Epic Fantasy Football League 2013, ran by CBS Sports and League Safe, is calling all Fantasy Fanatics for the inaugural Epic Fantasy Football Dynasty Keeper League. Keep your roster from year to year and build a Championship team or a Dynasty.

Only 16 Teams (10 teams left)

$250.00 Entry fee

$1,500.00 First place (Bragging rights most importantly, & Championship trophy)

$500.00 Second place

$250.00 Third place

$100.00 for Division winners

$75.00 Weekly High score

(As you can see there are many ways to win your entry fee + or at least a portion of it back.)

Reserve your spot by being one of the next 10 team owners to email epicffl2013@yahoo.com and accept a personal invitation!

*No billing until all teams are reserved.... reserve your spot now NO Money DOWN! (Serious Owners Only Please)
* (League page not available until all teams are reserved )
*Once all teams are reserved $50 deposit will be due to LEAGUE SAFE to Purchase Franchise... balance due 1 week before draft date (TBD)
head to head scoring format

Head-to-Head, Points Based System. ONLINE DRAFT!!!!!!!
* 16 teams ...4 divisions...8 team 3 week playoff
* Free agent auction (Summer 2014 )
* Free agent bidding (Weekly 2013 )
* Yearly rookie and free agent draft (starting year 2014)
* Contracts
* $250 salary cap
* Trades
* If it's in the game ..It's in our game!

Also before I invest or ask anyone else to invest I am just trying to get 16 Owners to fill the league. Once the league is full I will purchase the league from CBS, and start collecting fees through League safe. I appreciate your interest and if this league format fits what you are looking for we still need 10 players if you know anyone else that may want to play. I promise if we can get this league going it will be a ton of fun. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you soon.

For more information email epicffl2013@yahoo.com

im interested but what is a keeper league? do i have to play every year or what is it? is it still set up like regular fantasy football when we draft? do we draft every year?>

thanks a lot



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