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Looking for 16+ team idp dynasty, more inside... (1 Viewer)


Hello, going to get right to it regarding what I am seeking; I am looking for a league that has the following settings/requirements (needs are self explanatory, desires are what I want but are not a requirement):

-individual defensive players.
-dynasty format (not keepers).
-bench slots roughly the same number as starting slots, e.g., 18 starters 19 bench.
-total roster slots around 40.

-balanced scoring between offensive/defensive players.
-moderate scoring, nothing off the wall that entails players scoring 80pts a game (top offensive players averaging around 25 points per game and similar scoring for top individual defensive players).
-points per receptions.
-well thought out scoring settings (individual defensive players receive bonuses for passes defensed, stuffs, sacks etc; not just high points/scoring for tackles).

League Makeup:
-16 teams arranged in more than 2 divisions.
-active and knowledgeable league managers/owners who also take an active interest in league stability/longevity.
-free league on ESPN.
-a chatroll or chat program on league page.
-rookie drafting
-open waiver wire settings
-active trade monitoring and other various League Manager or committee based approval/passing/reviewing/etc. formats.

-cap/salary league (preferably real salary numbers opposed to the espn caps of $100-$1000).
-offsite/proboard setup for rules/league business/etc. (basically everything league related not handled through espn league board).
-offensive players receiving points for big plays and/or bonus points for significant yardage totals.
-trophies and other settings (post season/playoff seedings) that are aimed to increase enjoyment, motivation to win, and activity from beginning to end.
-prefer specific positions for individual defensive players, e.g., dt, de, lb (hoping for 3 or more lb slots), cb, s; opposed to rosters only having dl and db spots.
-something challenging would be nice (a mix of cap, 2qb's, large rosters, etc. with knowledgeable dedicated owners).

Well if you have read this far, I appreciate it and hope that you have what I am looking for. I decided to pass on posting my personal details as the structure and essence of my post should give you an inclination of my capabilities, knowledge, maturity, and experience as an team manager/owner; if your league has all or most of the items that I have included, then I am sure that I would make a great addition to your league.

Thank you for reading and let's get ready for some football!


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