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Looking for 2 owners to take over orphan teams in a long running $50 dynasty IDP bonus points league to draft on 9/2. (1 Viewer)



I am looking for 2 owners to take over teams in our long running league. It is an American gods themed league but you can drift from that some. We have bonus points and the rosters aren't huge (27) so the waiver wire is used a lot. We use a taxi squad for 1st and 2nd year players. We want to hold our rookie draft 9/2. We use leaguesafe and vote on payouts. It is a 12 team IDP league. The 2 teams available are Beastmode and Kali. Both have top 5 picks I think. Please click link below to view rules and teams. Email at m_pully@yahoo.com. We also use BB then FCFS for free agents.



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