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Looking for 4 Owners to Round out a New Keeper League (1 Viewer)


I'm looking for 4 owners to fill a 10 team H2H 7x7 Cats league. Keep up to 4 players for up to 3 years:

Settings available via email.

* Roster Size : 30 rounds with 4 IL spots available.

* You can keep up to 4 players from your final previous roster. You do not have to keep 4, but that is the maximum.

* Contract length is 3 years max (draft year + 2). Keeper service time and round status will follow a player if traded or if picked up from the WW. Be aware of this when trading for another team's keepers.

* Players drafted in rounds 1 through 4 cannot be kept the following year. Note that if a keeper's round value moves them into the first 4 rounds, they become ineligible to keep the next year regardless of the number of years you've had them.

* For each player you keep, you must give up a draft pick 2 rounds higher than the player's draft position the year before. If you have two players at the same draft round value that you wish to keep, then the next earlier draft round must be given up as well to retain both. For example, in order to keep two 15th round picks, you would have to use your 12th AND 13th rounders to keep both.

* Players acquired via free agency can be kept as a 20th round keeper and then the 3 years begins.

* Future draft picks cannot be traded.

I'm looking for owners who have played in this type of league setup before as this will be my first time running a league like this but isn’t required. I have 15 leagues that I run currently that are traditional keeper/dynasty setups. I've been playing fantasy baseball for 18 years and running leagues for 17. The draft is Saturday, March 18th @ 10pm EST. Please only apply if you can attend the draft. I have the rules saved on my own website.

Please let me know if you've played this type of setup before and how long you have been playing fantasy baseball. I always try to get good, very active owners for my leagues. Also leave a email on here or PM your email for a invite.

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