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Looking for a dynasty/keeper league (1 Viewer)


Had a league with some friends fall through, so I am looking for a dynasty or keeper league to replace it with.

League Safe is a must

At least 12 teams

50 to 100 dollars

Can be start up or existing team

Never done IDP, I would try it but prefer it to be limited.

I've got a league with a spot open. Just got a friend who has no intention of playing long-term who is managing the roster for fun. If the roster looks decent to you and you'd like to join then we can work something out. $50 buy-in, 12 team non-ppr, 4pt passing, keep 2 players at the cost of previous draft slot, can franchise an additional player at the cost of your last draft choice. A player can be franchised only one time by each owner. After two years of being retained a keeper would then require a draft pick price of one round prior to the original draft slot. Picks can be traded. All trades are discussed among the owners, but it would need to be collusion to justify a veto. Payout is to the playoff champ (8 team playoff) $350, $150 to the points champ for the entire season, and the last $100 goes to 2nd place. We start QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex (RB/WR/TE), TE, TD with a 5 man bench.

NFL.com league

Not sure how the League Safe works but I'm certainly down to explore utilizing it. We are located all over the states so everything is done online. Made up of friends from home, college, past work buddies, and anybody who thinks that they can hang in the League of Ordinary Gentlemen!


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