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Looking for a Few Replacement Owners for a Variety of Leagues (1 Viewer)


I run 4 leagues, each a little different than each other. Three of the four leagues have lost 1-2 owners, and im currently looking for some replacement owners.

  1. Redraft, Superflex, .5ppr, $250 (Make Football Great Again FFL), 14th year of the league, need 2 owners - Draft date is Thursday September 1
  2. Redraft, Flex, .5ppr, $400 (Show Me The Money FFL), 11th year of the league, need 1 owner - Draft date is Tuesday September 6
  3. Auction, Flex, .5ppr, $250 (Stumblin', Bumblin', and Fumblin' League (SBFL)), 2nd year of the league, need 1 owner - Draft date is Tuesday August 30

All the leagues are hosted on Sleeper. If your interested, email me back (ericharaga@gmail.com). I can send you last seasons payouts, the league scoring and settings, and answer any other questions you might have.


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