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Looking for a free ESPN PPR league Redraft and Keeper leagues My keeper league of 5 yrs might be disbanding 3 days before draft (1 Viewer)


Do to unfortunate circumstances my PPR ESPN Keeper league I went in with others from an old Baseball forum might be dissolving do to one player stepping down do to a trade being vetoed. 

Short Version: We've had a few issues of players trying to trade marginal keepers or guys they were definitely not keeping to other players with higher picks especially keeper rounds. The next year the same person who traded for the picks then sells the next crop of Marginal keepers and guys they weren't keeping for higher picks. One member in particular has been very predatory in his moves and many of us won't make many trades with him. 

The trade: The person would have had obtained one player whose ADP is in the top 4 rounds (Henry at 4.7) and one player who is in round 6 (Engram, 6.,12). Without this trade, the next highest drafted player by ADP on Dale's roster is the Minnesota defense, drafted at 10.02. The next two highest position players on his roster are Alex Smith and Marcus Mariotta, who could each be had in round 12 (12.03 and 12.04). Devante Parker and his injured hand are going in round 13.11 and Devontae Booker is going in round 13.09. The trade would have upgraded him at two positions by a significant margin, without taking away his 5th round pick and without taking away his opportunity to draft any of the players he otherwise would have (and now will) kept (or keep). He chose to make this upgrade in keepers in exchange for his lower 6th round pick (he has two). 

Person Who Maybe Quitting Gets:

Derrick Henrey 

Evan Engram 

9th and 12th round picks

Person who made the Trade also a Predatory Trader Got:

JD McKissic

Giovani Bernard

6th rounder and 11th rounder

My Situation:

At any cost if I can get the commissioners permission we would be looking for someone to take over the quitting persons team. The league is really good and active players and we also have a Facebook group page now as well.

Either way do the situation at hand I'd be looking for a Keeper league this season to join. The newer the better though I'd be willing to take on a team if needed. Prefer Free and ESPN. I'm cool with certain Rosters 2 QBs, Two Flex's Two Def?ST etc etc. Do to my work schedule I can be available tonight for any draft after 7 and anything after 8 on Mon or Tues. If my league folds I will have Wednesday 5PM on available. All times Eastern Standard time. Any help would be appreciated. Also if you want to help my league ad get in please let me know. Still waiting for the Commissioner for an answer as I think he's reaching out to past old board members as well as 3 of our former players who quit do to personal circumstances no associated with the league

Also cool with joining another redraft league. Very committed and active player. 


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