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Looking for a new dynasty league (1 Viewer)


I am looking to join a new dynasty league for 09. I prefer IDP and the more complex the better. Salary Caps and contracts a definite plus although I would be willing to consider any type of league. If anyone is starting one or knows of one starting please let me know. Thanks

There is an opening in our free 8 team dynasty league. IDP, PPR, blind-bid free agents, and a yearly free agent/rookie draft. 30 player roster plus a 10 player practice(taxi) squad. Starts 1 QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1FLEX(RB, WR, or TE) 1PK 1Team DEF 1DT 1DE 2LB 1S 1CB. The scoring is balanced enough so that every position is important.

This will be the third year of our league and you will become the third owner in as many years of this struggling franchise. I am looking for an owner who is not afraid of a challenge and is a real competitor willing to rebuild this franchise.

Roster includes these key players:

QBs: Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner

RBs: DeAngelo Williams, Brandon Jacobs, Kevin Smith, Willie Parker

WRs: Antonio Bryant, Bernard Berrian, TJ Housh, Kevin Walter, Derrick Mason

TE: Greg Olsen, Todd Heap

IDPs: Jared Allen, Chris Long, Ray Lewis, DeMeco Ryans, Ernie Sims, Keith Rivers, Haloti Ngata, Brandon Flowers, Asante Samuel, Kerry Rhodes

Team DEF: Colts and Giants

NOTICE: This teams 2009 1st Round Draft pick has already been traded

If you’re willing to give a failing franchise with potential some TLC and make it competitive then CLICK HERE to see our league.

To see this team’s roster CLICK HERE.

Email me at travbarrier@yahoo.com if you’re interested.

Starting a new IDP dynasty league,35 man roster,15 starters,only 20 bucks.For more info,please leave your email to contact you.

Just wanted to let everyone know I am still looking. If there is anything in the works please let me know.
If your still are looking for a league check this one out. I started it last year and I have 1 opening. It's open because the previous owner got into to many leagues and just couldn't find the time to run it. Check out the rules which includes contracts, IDPs', contract yearly increases, salary cap increases holdouts and etc. The fee's are $75 yearly, but only $50 this year because of his $25 deposit that carried over. Just email me. Tommyhttp://www15.myfantasyleague.com/2008/home/72428

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