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Looking for a playoff League (1 Viewer)

I have a buddy who does a playoff league every year. The one I run is filled....well 3 people still have to pay. If you PM your email addy I will give it to the commish I know and you can find out the details from him. He is a good and fair commish and I have played with him for years. Definately can be trusted.

PM me your email addy......and that should start talks.

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I have run one for the past 8-9 years. This year should be close to 250 teams entering at $25 a pop. You can enter up to 5 teams.

If you are interested, PM with your email and I will add you to my distribution list. I will send out an email with a sign up form to fill out once all the playoff teams are set.

First place will win $3500 + this year.

I am starting a draft fantasy football playoff league on RTSPorts.

Also I am starting salary cap contests on ESPN and CBSsports. $15 a piece for the salary cap.

For more information email cbsfantasyfootball2008@gmail.com


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