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Looking for League - ~$25 standard scoring - prefer ESPN (1 Viewer)


My wife is looking to join a fantasy league for the first time. I am in roughly 8 leagues per year and will manage the team if she loses interest. I don't think this will happen, as she is very competitive, but wanted to confirm that I will guarantee the team won't become inactive. I prefer she joins a league that is very user friendly, so I am thinking ESPN or yahoo would be best.

I have a spot left in my league. Its $25 with payouts at the end of the season: first place-$75 and a trophy,second place-$50 and a plaque and third place-$25 and a certificate. Not a lot of of compicated rules. Live draft on Monday Sept. 2nd at 9pm eastern time. If your interested or have any questions you can email me at:



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