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Looking for league in Dallas area (1 Viewer)


I just moved to Dallas recently and I'd like to join a local live draft league if anybody has any openings. I've been playing a long time and even commished for a few years so I do take it seriously. I've never played in an IDP league or keeper/dynasty league. A keeper/dynasty leaugue does seem interesting though. Anything less than $ 200 entry is fine. Over that and I'd have to think about it. Please let me know if anyone is looking to fill their league. Thanks.

Hey man,

If you don't have any luck finding a Dallas league, I have an online league based in Oklahoma. It's 12 team .5 ppr with a snake draft and small buy-in. Email me if you'd like to join


Are you looking for a pay league or are you open to a free league? I am commissioner of a league in north Dallas and our league is free. We are looking for two more owners to complete our 8-team league for the year.

Gameface: I'm not entirely opposed to a free league, but I'm used to larger (10-12) pay leagues. When's your draft?


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