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Looking for more for Wrestling themed 12 team superflex full ppr TE premium dynasty league. $25 buy in (1 Viewer)


Starting a wrestling themed dynasty league. $25 buy in, 12 team SF full ppr TE premium

Hello all! I'm starting up another dynasty league and I'm looking for fans of wrestling and football to join me! This still be a wrestling themed 12 team league with a 25 dollar buy in. All money will be handled through leaguesafe with majority vote needed for any payouts

This will be a standard snake draft, randomized order after league is full and complete paid for. There will be a third round reversal. Rookie picks will be determined by drafting kickers.

This is a full ppr, 6 point passing TD and 1.75 TE premium league. Roster will be as follows

1 QB

2 RB

3 WR

1 TE




If interested shoot me a reply here! 


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