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Looking for ONE owner, deep roster/PPR/IDP/dynasty league


This is a FREE MFL league to participate in, run and paid for by an American expat friend of mine in Hong Kong. He’s looking for an active owner to fill a vacant team. Previous owner has a new addition to his family and just doesn’t have the time to devote to it. This team is very strong (Kyler Murray, Jaylen Waddle, Amari Cooper, Joey Bosa, just the tip of a large iceberg), perennial contender, and has a full complement of draft picks (1.05, 2.05 etc..). Fun league, with a great bunch of owners, half of them in SE Asia, half in N. America, many who are FBG and Zealots league vets. No money involved, it's just for fun and banter. Send me a DM if interested and I can link you to the full roster/rules/etc. Thanks!