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Looking for owners in 32 team dynasty league (1 Viewer)


Looking for owners for 3 orphan teams in a 32 team dynasty league.

 2 conferences, 8 divisions (4 in the NFC/ 4 in the AFC) of four teams  (North, South, East, and West)
 7 Playoff Participants from both conferences - Four division winners, three wild card teams
 30-38 man active rosters and an 10 man taxi squad
 We will use the NFL Salary cap and It will be a HARD CAP all year
 17 starters, balanced between offensive positions and defense for realism
 Balanced Offensive/IDP Scoring
 Starting lineups will be determined by NFL position
 Auction style bidding for free agents
 Manage player holdouts & retirements and apply a franchise tag to your players
 Mandatory 4 round Rookie Draft
 Contract extensions
10% annual player raises for all players on your roster.

Let me know if you are interested in looking at the orphan teams. Message me at riglife06@gmail.com


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