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looking for replacement owner in dynasty league (1 Viewer)


The owner you would be replacing has not yet paid his $10 entry fee at LeagueSafe. This owner is not dynamic. He has not engaged in any conversations on the board. On Sunday he had Troy Polamalu in his starting lineup. None of that is good. We would like someone with a pulse.

dynasty league

Yahoo this year

myfantasyleague next year- most likely

The lineup as it looks right now-

QB- Eli Manning

WR- Jordy Nelson

WR- Eric Decker

RB- Chris Johnson

RB- Alfred Morris

TE- Kyle Rudolph

Bench- Tom Brady, Aaron Hernandez, Fred Jackson, Miles Austin, Mikel LeShoure, Cedric Benson, Malcom Floyd, Joe Flacco, Randy Moss

K- David Akers

Bench- Matt Prater

LB- D'Qwell Jackson

LB- Jon Beason

LB- London Fletcher

LB- Robert Mathis

DT- Darnell Dockett

DE- Julius Peppers

DE- Justin Tuck

CB- DeAngelo Hall

CB- Antoine Winfield

S- Troy Polamalu

S- Charles Godfrey

The team is 1-1 and 5th overall. It is a 10-team league.

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