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Looking for replacement owner(s) for NDFL/ADFL - OPEN (1 Viewer)


16-Team Dynasty League on MFL (0.5 PPR, 0.05/return yards, IDP, salary cap).

The NDFL/ADFL is looking for experienced owner(s) looking to take over recently orphaned team(s) for the upcoming 2023 season and beyond. The incoming owners will take part in a Replacement Owner Dispersal Draft early in the off-season in each league. League fee is $50/year paid directly to LeagueSafe, details will be discussed through the application process.

Each owner receives a PDF copy of the full set of Bylaws in the application process to review. If you would like to review the full Bylaws, please contact me directly using the email listed below.

If you are interested in joining this league, please contact me via email at commissionerNDFL@gmail.com. Please provide:
  1. Full Name
  2. Email address to use for the league
  3. General Location - All team names should be some representation of your general area
  4. Dynasty Experience

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