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Looking for serious owners for a restart league. (1 Viewer)


The previous co-commish and several owners had a following out so this is a restart Dynasty league.

32 team dynasty (1 set of NFL rosters per conference) with IDP's and contracts.

PPR scoring

40 man roster with a 10 player developmental taxi squad.

$50 entry fee with multiple payouts including a survivor pool and confidence pool winners

Draft date and order will be set once the league is full.


Open teams as of now.

New England Patriots

Philadelphia Eagles
Minnesota Vikings
New Orlean Saints

Contact me through FBG.com or email me @


with questions are to join.

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open teams:

AFCCleveland BrownsJacksonville JaguarsIndianapolis ColtsSan Diego Chargers

NFCPhiladelphia EaglesMinnesota Vikings

Need Owners for the following teams;

New England Patriots

Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

Carolina Panthers

email me @ bggn088@embarqmail.com

$50 entry fee ASAP (by May 25th), shooting for June 1st draft date and will not randomize draft order until everyone has paid (Via League Safe).


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