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I am new to IDP, but someone asked me to have an IDP leagueDo you normally use DB or separate CB & S, same question for DL vs DE & DTHow many def starters when using 8 offIt seems that using fewer than 6 def starters would leave a lot of draft value on th etable. with the overall quantitiy of def players available, it appears that having only 36 total def starters in a league (12 teams X 3) wouldn't place enough value on them to force you to invest heavily in them. But does 6-8 def players make it so that the game is often dominated by def players?

hey jag,most of my leagues have the full panoply of 11 IDP, with differentiation between positions... most would start 3 DL (2 DE & must start 1 DT), 4 LB (one of those a floater where most opt to start extra LB) & 4 DBs (must start 2 S & 2 CB).if you are just getting your feet wet, it might be best to keep it simple.6 X 12 would be 72, not 36... that might address one of your concerns of having too shallow a pool of IDP talent where everybody has studs at every position.with the smaller amount, i would leave out DT & CB & just go 2 DL, 2 LB & 2 DB... maybe include a floater so some teams could go with 3 LBs which would even up the offensive & defensive scoring a little more (8 offense & 7 defense)... you can also balance out the respective scoring on both sides of the ball by tweaking the scoring... you get to play GOD. :)some scoring systems or variants allocate more than a point per tackle & 1/2 point per assist... which could boost LB scoring vis-a-vis stud skill position players. making sacks worth 5 points instead of 3 can elevate the value of DEs.dittor for INTs making DBs more valuable.most of my leagues don't use PD (passes defensed), which can also raise value of DBs.making FFs (forced fumbles) & FRs (fumble recoveries) worth more than 1 pt can reward & boost playmaking IDPs.good luck,bob/fbg IDP

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