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Looking for trade analyzer that handles draft picks (besides Footballguys) (1 Viewer)


Hello All,

Looking for help in regards to finding a trade analyzer that handles draft picks.

I am fairly new to fantasy football. I am an owner of a dynasty team.

Other owners are approaching me with trade offers that involve players and draft picks.

I have looked for analyzers that analyze such scenarios, with no luck. The offer usually involves picks later in the rounds (4.16 and so on) and players. When I accept/reject/counter offer a trade, I want to have a reasoning behind my answer, instead of making a decision "blind".

Thank you




Hey Chris,

You are wise to consult sources, I've been in a few leagues where some managers take advantage of the new one.  They are hoping for a score by taking advantage of the inexperienced.

Others that I like to reference are (free by the way):  Trade Calculator - Dynasty 101, DynastyProcess Trade Calculator and Dynasty Football Trade Calculator.

And of course I like to ask questions here and get the members feedback and their insight.

You can never have enough information.

Good luck.

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Trade calculators are very wide ranging and usually very off.  It's not a bad thing to just have an idea but in general they don't match league specifics and can be very misleading.  Information is always good but I wouldn't put a lot of stock into them.  


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