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Looking for two strong and active owners, 16-team redraft (1 Viewer)


I commish an online league in its 14th year. Most owners are FBGers, we have very low turnover. Unfortunately, two of our owners had to bow out this year, and we're looking to replace them.

The league is extremely competitive - we routinely win our "other leagues", but this one is a challenge (only 2 repeat winners in 14 years; 60% turonever in teams making play-offs year to year). What makes the league stand out, in my humble opinion, is that all owners are decent, quality people, who respect each other and have made friendships over the years - in my experience, thats highly unusual for a very competitive league.

If you're interested in learning more, please email me at genester7@yahoo.com

League details

16 teams (4 divisions, 4 teams each), redraft, flex line-ups (2QBs possible), fairly standard scoring. 6 teams make the play-offs. Auction draft (date TBD). No PPR, no IDP. $100 entry fee, completely paid out in prizes (minus the MFL web site fee).

Looking forward to hearing from dedicated owners who enjoy the challenge and the company of fellow fantasy die-hards!


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