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Looking to fill NEW Reality Sports Online League asap to get ball roll (1 Viewer)


Diehard Owners Only Lg. est. 2013

$50 Buy in (each team must pay seperate $10 RSO fee directy to RSO)

12 Teams

$50 buy-in towards prizes. ($9.99 RSO fee not included) Each owner must pay this fee individually)

Submit application, once received I will email you a link to the leaguesafe payment page. Once paid you will be admitted to the league. - See more at: http://realitysports...h.tTMUcWhJ.dpuf
Top 3 Paid:

1st $325

2nd $175

3rd $100

Funds will all held through leaguesafe.com for safe keeping.See below:


Link to league search on RealitySportsOnline.com to take a look. Name of league: (Diehard Owners Only Lg. est. 2013)


To apply for entry to league you must register on the site, submitt application to league. Upon review of your application I will send you an email for payment to leaguesafe.com. Once you apply and pay you will become official member of the league.

Currently 5 of 12 spots are claimed. Looking to fill up the remaining 7 spots as early as possible to get the ball rolling on the league. To determine draft days/times that will work for all parties involved to organize rookie draft and prepare for the free agency auction. This league is on realitysportsonline.com using their new revolutionary fantasy football software. Because of the commitment required for this league, I am trying to only find die hard fantasy football players only.

RSO is a new concept to fantasy football more like being a GM than any other league out there. So it should be very exciting league to be a part of.


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