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Looking to join a couple of dynasty leagues! (1 Viewer)


As per the title I'm looking to step up my fantasy game this year and join a few dynasty leagues. It would be great to join a league in its inaugral season but I'd be quite happy to take a team over in an existing league as long as it has some talent and a decent amount of draft picks available.

Inbox me a message here with your league and what vacancies you might have available.

Incase anyone wants to know my fantasy experience I've been playing since 2008, I've won a won a couple of leagues in that time. I'm a really active owner and I commission for a couple of leagues locally out here in Vietnam with friends.

I would prefer a non-IDP league and I'm looking in the $25-100 range preferably.

Have replied =)

To anyone else reading this I'm still looking for one or two more, especially a dynasty start up!


$50 entry fee, Teams still alvalible. IDP contract years, t-notes for FAs, 1 set of rosters per conference, Complete payout through league safe with multiple ways to win money. Draft date will be determined by how fast I fill the league and how fast everyone pays. Message board has update on open teams

Hey Jon!

We're 12-member, 3 - division, PPR dynastly league, self-managed, going on our 14th year. About half the owners are original owners. Fee is $90 - Super Bowl winner gets (about) $500.00. Since we're self-managed all $1080 we collect in fees goes back in end of year prize money.

Standard rules. 22 man roster.

We're a fairly quiet league - not a lot of trash talking. There is one female member (my wife).

The 1st round of our draft is in 4 days and we just found out we've lost an owner.

Here's what the league commissioner said about the team:

... team had a 7-6 record last year and was less than 6 more total points of making the playoffs. His team won their last 3 games, averaging more than 117 pts a game while beating every team in his division. This team is competitive and has some solid players at every position.
Here is the current roster:

QB- Andrew Luck, Carson Palmer, Terrelle Pryor

RB- Ronnie Brown, Frank Gore, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Fred Jackson, Felix Jones

WR- Austin Miles, Marques Colston, Percy Harvin, Santonio Holmes, Randy Moss, Santana Moss, Brandon Stokely

TE- Jermain Gresham, Heath Miller

PK- Rob Bironas, Matt Prater

D- Bills, Giants, Ravens

The good news: This team has the 6th and 9th picks in Round 1 - May 15th.

Our Round 2 is June 15th; Round 3 & 4 are August 15th. The team has the 6th pick on those rounds.

If you're interested please let me know and we can setup a private conversation.




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