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looking to start a college football dynasty league (1 Viewer)

Ralph Wilson

I'm interested in starting a college football dynasty. Between $25 and $100 a year. We will be using leaguesafe.

It could be IDP, thats not a deal killer if not. I was thinking about 12-16 teams PPR format.

Is there interest in this?

bump. I'm getting some interest in this. But we need more players.

I found a site that has NCAFF on there. http://www6.fantrax....viewAllGames.go

So I was thinking 12 teams, 3 divisions, 20 man rosters.

Starting rosters are something like this,

1 qb

2 rb

3 wr

1 te

1 k

1 d

1 flex (rb,wr,te)

We could go for a bigger roster. I'm not against that. I was just thinking in basic terms.

If something like this interests you, please reply or private message me.


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