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Looking4 IDP active&competitive managers 4 Dynasty MFL free league (1 Viewer)


apologize in advance if its isnt the right forum to publish my request ..although from glance on the 'looking4league' tree post very few relevant post related to wide IDP FFleagues.. but i was advise to write here as much of the potentional IDP creative and competitive managers should be here .. Plus how can i forget three years ago here at this forum- having the 3 ways league competition) heavy tackle. balance, sack heavy which made me exited during the live draft observe whole the picks from these great minds (O & D side of the ball) of the forum

really miss those ones - is there a chance next preseason - we the small but competitive side of the IDP crowd on FBGuys will get his forum contest again?

Hi, my name is Amit and im Comish and a player on IDP redraft FFleague's
As i love the IDP game.. really want to play its competitive setting on the dynasty format ..so.. this year im starting - new Diehard Dynasty IDP FFleague on MFL site - which i bought already so no need to pay.
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Two different league/conference- each have 18 teams.. and its own roster nfl players pool.. and the two winners of these league's matching in week16 for the championship.
45 total players in the roster
21 starting roster is . 10 in O and 11 in D
11 D.. suppose to be something like DT, 2 DE, 3 LB, 2 SS, 2 CB, D
custom scoring setting to be realistic how much it can be from one side and competitive from the other side
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[SIZE=13pt]here is the link:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=17.3333339691162px]Fantasy Football: DieHard IDP Dynasty FFL [/SIZE]

Fantasy Football: DieHard IDP Dynasty FFL The most customizable way to run your fantasy football league on the web today, MyFantasyLeague.com was voted 'Best Fantasy Commissioner Product' by...
View on www18.myfantasylea...
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it will be live but slow draft (2-3 hours per) Pick.. If u have the time to be active and familiar with kind of setting to be competitive - id like u to join
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plz advice ur email for invitation if u can asap as im try filling the some spots left. thanks in advance, Amit


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