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Lost my Championship game 102.1 to 102.0 (1 Viewer)

BNL Fan #24

So I really have nobody to blame but myself. I decided last minute to start Jonathan Stewart over Matt Forte because I wanted to be sure to get at least a some points since Forte was questionable. Afterall, I was only down 12.8 with my choice of either Forte or Stewart, plus Chicago Bears DT going Monday night. Well sure enough, Stewart gets injured although he does earn me some points. Bottom line, going into Monday nights game I am down 7.1 points with Bears Defense left to go. In our league we earn points based on points allowed. 6-9 points allowed still nets me 8 points and the win. If they score 10-13 I need 1 sack, Fumble recovery, INT, etc to win. If they score 14-16 I need 2, 17-20 I need 3. So it is back and forth all game. The Bears get an early INT, so now I have more of a scoring cushion. A couple of close calls go against me and I miss out on more points. Late in the 3rd I get a Fumble recovery on the muffed punt, so now GB can score 16 and I am ok. Here is where I think I am screwed. Late, late 3rd quarter, Rogers is in the shotgun, he takes 1 step back to pass and then tucks the ball. He is crushed for a 5 yard loss, and I am thinking that is a sack and now I am good for up to 20 points. GB gets a FG out of it and I check my scores on cbssports and sure enough, no sack. Turns out they rule it was a running play so no sack. No points for me in the 4th quarter and I lose my championship game by 1 tenth of a point, or basically 1 yard. If if if but I guess it wasn't to be. Talk about heartbreak.


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