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Lots of owners needed for big redraft league---great payouts imho (1 Viewer)



The league is called the Grand Champion League because the winner ends up winning a $1000

6 divisions with 10 teams each...seperate drafts.

start 2 qb, 3 rb, 4 wr, 2 te. 1 of each on your bench (total 15)...no kickers or defenses

after the draft you do not have to have 1 of each on your bench, this should improve trading.

ppr scoring (.5 for rb,1 for wr, and 1.5 for te)

victory pt scoring for regular season (weeks 1-9)

weeks 1-9 ---each team plays each other team one time in it's division

week 10 (start divisional playoffs) #1 vs #4, #2 vs #3

week 11 (divisional champions round) --winners play

week 12 ( 6 division winners...main playoffs start, seeding by total fantasy pts year to date)

top 2 get a bye...#3 vs 6, #4 vs 5

week 13 #1 vs lowest point winner, #2 vs highest point winner

week 14 Championship game


division champs --- $100 each

winners week 12 --$200 each (bye teams earn $200 automatically)

winners week 13 ---$300 each

winner week 14 ---$400

to play in this league --- $43

any questions email me at raymanning@hotmail.com

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oh yeah FYI total taken in $2,580

payed out $2,400

league fee $160 ( most likely)--delux leagues cost more

the extra $20 should help cover potential paypal fees.....(only there because I added $3.00 to each teams fee instead of $2.66 to cover the league fee)

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The draft will be a slow draft with a 12 hour clock.

Payments will be done through paypal. I understand the concerns people have with this. As for references I have been around this board for over 10 years, so you can check up on me.

My paypal is verified.

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