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Loving my team after trade in a 16 teamer, am I wrong? (1 Viewer)


Recently drafted, and recently traded marshawn (who I actually really like) and Geronimo for Keelan Cole and Corey Davis. 

Team looks like this now...

QB- Luck, Bortles

RB- M.Gordon, Collins, Ingram, TColeman

WR- CDavis, Robby A, Ty. Williams, Cole, Westbrook, Moncrief

TE- Doyle 

K- Tucker

DEF- Jaguars

16 team .5 PPR

Start 1 qb, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 te, 1 flex

Let me know what you think, appreciate any input 

In a 16 team league I like the team, if it were a 12 team league not so much. I would still continue to try and improve your WR's though. They are all question marks with high upside and low floors.


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