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Low End RB Trade Advice (1 Viewer)

the shiva

I got an offer to trade my RB Austin Ekeler for Phillip Lindsay.. worth it???

Starting Lineup

QB    Ben Roethlisberger, Pit QB    
RB    Jay Ajayi, Phi RB  
RB    Adrian Peterson, Wsh RB
WR    JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pit WR    
WR    Will Fuller V, Hou WR  
FLEX    Rob Gronkowski, NE TE
FLEX    Alfred Morris, SF RB
FLEX    Donte Moncrief, Jax WR    
DP    Brandon Marshall, Den LB    
DP    Myles Jack, Jax LB    
DP    Tahir Whitehead, Oak LB    
K    Justin Tucker, Bal K


Deshaun Watson, Hou QB    
Julian Edelman, NE WR  SSPD    
Aaron Jones, GB RB  SSPD

Calvin Ridley, Atl WR

Robbie Gould, SF K    
Corey Clement, Phi RB    
Javorius Allen, Bal RB    
Dede Westbrook, Jax WR    
Austin Ekeler, LAC RB    
Dez Bryant, FA WR


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