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Madieu Williams vs Terrence Kiel (1 Viewer)


Solo/assist .5int 3sack 3FF 2Kiel has 23 pts in 5 games.Williams has 15 pts in 3 games.Williams is on the WW, and I have Kiel. Boulware is also on the WW, but I think he's the 3rd best guy of these 3. I also don't believe Williams injury is major.Thoughts?

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I like both options- but I go with Kiel this week. I think Madieu has a nice tackle/INT matchup in Tennessee with teh TEBC so he's going to line up a lot closer to the line in my opinion and mirror during two-TE sets. However, Kiel is going to be used on a lot of blitz packages because the Oakland line and help the run defense. Collins also looks to his TE quite a bit so tackles should come too.But your league is so weighted in favor of sacks and INT's that Kiel is the better option. Id like to know what others thing- im not sure whether to start madieu myself. :popcorn:


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