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Major props to 2 Steeler players (1 Viewer)

Judge Smails

I've made my points well known as to the officiating yesterday, but I did want to point out two players who deserve major props.

1) Hines Ward. Absolute stud NFL player. Made difficult catches (how 'about that shoestring one) when they needed it, great YAC breaking tackles to get first downs, big time blocking as always and the big TD catch.

2) A. Randel El. Major talent, and props to the Steelers for finding ways to use him. Gifted runner, but he is making more and more big catches and getting key first downs. And I'll say this - that throw yesterday, on the run, on the money, perfect spiral, was better than I've seen from at least half the starting QB's in the league.

Gotta also give credit to FWP - the guy who a lot of people said was too small to be a Steelers RB was responsible for changing setting the tone for the 2nd half and killing any emotional momentum the Seahawks had at halftime.


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