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Make an offer for Bell? WHIR (1 Viewer)

TX Steel

12 team 0.5 PPR redraft.  bonuses for 100+ rushing/receiving yds, 300+ passing yds, 50+ yd TDs.


My team:

Luck, Winston

Hunt, Miller, Ingram, JWhite, Morris, Kelly

KAllen, Stills, JGordon, Golladay, Crowder, Lockett, TSmith (NO)


His team:

Big Ben, Mayfield

Bell, Mixon, McCoy, Montgomery, Penny, Hines, Ekeler, Richard

Hogan, Sanu, Shepard, Dez, Richardson

Cook, Watson


This guy has shot down every trade offer I've ever sent his way, and I don't think he's accepted more than one or two trades--ever.  But he is hurting at RB and WR, and I have some depth at both.  I know Bell is a risk, but if/when he shows up he's an elite option.  I could try to weather the storm and roll with less until he suits up.

Should I make an offer?  If so, who?  Hunt straight up?  Or Ingram/Stills?  Miller/Gordon?

Let me know if you think I should make an offer, and please list what you think would be fair.  

Thanks, and please leave a link so I can return the favor!


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