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I have an associate who will be applying for a managerial position. She has been in a technical role in the past 3 years and is a rising star. She hasn't managed people, but has shown the ability to manage very visible projects within my organization. My bosses (the directors) think highly of her.


The reason the role is open is because a previous manager, who had a similar background as my associate, wasn't a good fit as a manager. This person wasn't successful at managing people, holding them accountable and helping with their career ark.

How does my associate address the elephant in the room - Why hire my associate with no managerial experience vs. going external and hiring somebody with managerial experience but who will take an extended time (12 months at least) to understand the needs of the organization?

Based on my own perceptions, my associate is fighting an uphill battle and perhaps in not able to do anything to change minds, but I want her to be ready to address that question and make her case for her career growth.

If there is any advice on how to answer that question, that would be appreciated.

Also....while I am here :-)

What other questions would you ask a candidate for a managerial role around people management? I know she'll need to address the question of holding associates accountable, setting expectations, not doing the work, etc.

Any good questions that are more strategic in general that would help somebody prepare for a managerial interview?



How do you modulate between Facts, Finesse, and Force?

How do you handle conflict resolution?

What do/can you do to enable personal and professional growth in your direct reports?

Do you find it more important to treat your direct reports all the same, or tailor your interactions to the individual?


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