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Manny Machado....what do you do? Bench him? (1 Viewer)


What are you guys doing with Manny Machado?  Continue to start him no matter what? 

He's been pretty bad so far.

Baseball is a game of long stats.  Proven players tend to end up at their career averages (more or less) by the end of the season.  He will eventually have some hot weeks to make up for his bad start.  You can sit but monitor closely and re-insert if he starts heating up. 

As long they're not hurt or benched, I think you have to keep playing your top bats.  It's unlikely that there's a waiver wire replacement who offers better potential, especially in a MI slot.

You can sit stud pitchers during a cold streak or unfavorable matchup because you can make up the IP later but that's not really an option for position players.


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