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Marc Bulger the rest of the season? (1 Viewer)


What are your thoughts on Bulger the rest of the way? I know he's been brutal to date, but I think he could be a decent QB2, or even a borderline QB1 the rest opf the season for the following reasons:

1. His schedule - Miami, Arizona, Seattle, SF, and Atlanta.

2. SJax is back which improves the entire offense - should open up passing lanes.

3. Pace is back.

Bulger is not someone I would want to rely on, schedule, SJax, or otherwise. This season. Next season, sleeper. maybe.

12 team redraft league - standard scoring (yardage + 6pts for all TDs) - roster below:

QB (start 2) - Tony Romo, Kurt Warner, Jake Delhomme, Marc Bulger
In your league format he would never start barring 2 injuries.
In your league format he would never start barring 2 injuries.
Ha. Money league, 2 games left up by one for a playoff spot and Quinn goes down and Schaub is still out. Two teams that have priority got together and scooped up what they thought was every available QB, taking Green instead of Bulger because of the thought concussion. I had to go Bulger. Nice schedule and hoping for the best...
Two home games against Sea and SFO, week 15 & 16. The question is does he make it to week 15, and if so can he make it past the 1st quarter in either game. He is risky play, but it would not surprise me if those end up being his best two games of the season, especially if we end up seeing a healthy Steven Jackson.

Bulger has been on my bench all season long. I have had to insert him twice, and both times he did not make it out of the first quarter. I'm playing for the last playoff spot and I'm not sure I can take the chance (although he has upside) of playing him over my ww pickup of Shaun Hill.


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