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Marc Bulger (1 Viewer)

How's his shoulder?  Is he throwing yet?  Are the Rams likely to draft a QB?
Have to do some checking for links, but I thought he was scheduled to possibly be back around playoff time (had they made a run), so I'm assuming he's 100% healthy at this point.from RTFS

Feb 16 2006 9:26PM

Nick Wagoner, of StLouisRams.com, reports St. Louis Rams QB Marc Bulger (shoulder) is healthy again and looking forward to the future. Thursday, Feb. 16, Bulger seemed excited to be discussing the possibilities that the future might hold. While former head coach Mike Martz's system allowed for plenty of success for Bulger, it also wasn't much of a democracy. But it didn't take new head coach Scott Linehan long to make it clear that Bulger would be able to have some newfound input into the playbook and the direction of the offense. One other area that Bulger should respond very well to is the addition of some different protections and a more balanced offense. Many times during Martz's tenure, the offense was criticized for being too pass heavy and it was no coincidence that there has been a strong correlation between running the ball well and winning in the past few years. From his initial meeting with Linehan and the staff, Bulger feels confident about the ways the Rams can go about protecting him. In a couple of weeks, Bulger will return to St. Louis for offseason workouts and spend the bulk of the offseason here, training, learning and helping his teammates learn.

Fantasy Impact: We like Bulger's chances for a big season with Linehan calling plays.

Source: KFFL.com
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last i heard he is expected to be fully recovered for training camp, if not sooner...

he is trying to do strengthening exercises for the shoulder, but he doesn't really have the kind of frame where he could bulk up to 225-230... bulger is what he is...

the best hope for bulger owners is i think linehan's scheme is said to prioritize to a FAR higher degree not getting the QB knocked around a lot... they use more max protect schemes, & quicker developing & hitting pass plays...

they will continue to take shots downfield, but i would expect it to be far more selective... if they move the ball better, this could still translate to as many as more TDs than before (bulger wasn't a huge TD guy in past, though he was pacing for his best season ever in that dept in 2005, but then only completed half the season)...

and of course they will run more than in the martz era...

They've got Gus FreeRot to pick up the pieces if Bulger isn't capable of going this year.

Ole Gus is familiar with the offense that will be run in St. Louis - so no need to overworry and draft a QB in Round One.

Saw him about 2 weeks ago at a charity golf tournament. He was playing golf. Asked him about the shoulder and he said it felt good. Whatever that means.

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this guy gets hurt every year. if its not the shoulder it'll be a thumb, ankle, or something else.
Fortunately for Bulger, his 14-15 game stats are usually enough to leave him as a top 5 QB. Some others, who never miss a game because of injury, can't say the same.
The guy can't last a season though.... Last year he ranked very low

14TDs and 9 picks in 8 games? Those aren't exactly stellar numbers imho. His YPG were the best in the league though at 287.1 ypg.


I want a 'no brainer' QB to start, not some guy that's going to be an injury risk and could possibly be a game time decision by mid-season.


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