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March madness style league $1k to winner (1 Viewer)


Hello fellow fantasy football owners. I'm looking to fill teams in a March Madness style redraft league. This will be our 3rd year. 

League Overview:

•The idea behind the league is to have a March madness type tournament at the end of the regular season where the Champ will win over $1,000 dollars with just a small entry fee. In order to achieve that, the tournament will have to start in week 11. Since the NFL has used BYE weeks into weeks 11, and sometimes 12 that has to be taken into account when putting together a team.

•League Fee will be $65 (includes myfantasyleague.com fee) *2018 entry fee will be $66. The extra $ 1 per team is to pay for the upgrade graphics on the league page. The extra 64 dollars will be paid out to the commish at the end of the year, who paid out for the graphics work*. 2019 entry fee will be back to $65

•The league will consist of 64 owners.

•League will consist of 4 divisions. XFL / Arena League, NFC, AFC, USFL. 

• Championship Bracket (all 64 teams will compete)

• Consolation Bracket (32 teams that lose in the first week of the Championship bracket complete)

•100% of league money is paid out minus MFL fee.

•All money will be held and paid out by leaguesafe.com.

•Player Universe - All NFL Players – Each division will have their own player universe.

•Scoring Type - PPR (Point per receptions) and performance based decimal scoring.

•Standings – Winning percentage


•$65 X 64 = $4160 minus $140 MFL fee (early bird price)

•1st - $1000

•2nd - $600

•3rd - $350

• #1 seeds (4) - $100

•Sweet Sixteen (16) - $25

•Elite 8 teams (8) - $65

•Final Four teams (4) - $100

•Consolation bracket winner - $100

•Team that scores the most regular season points - $100

•Season pick em winner - $75 – Runs NFL weeks 1-17

•Season survivor winner - $75- Runs until one is left including NFL playoffs.



•The league will be made up of four divisions (AFL / XFL, NFC, AFC, USFL) each with 16 teams.

•Team names are already set using teams from those named divisions. Team banners and league graphics are set, owners are not permitted to change those banners.

Link to the league http://www51.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=69080&O=26

Open teams are listed on the message board under their respective divisions.

Email me at fmlcommish@yahoo.com if you are interested or have questions. If you'd like to join give me your top three teams you'd like to be. The open team list on the message board will be changing as teams are being filled.

Thanks for looking.

Open teams are

LA Rams
Chicago Blitz
LA Express
Birmingham Stallions
Memphis Showboats
Orlando Renegades
San Antonio Gunslingers
Orlando Rage
Philadelphia Soul
Portland Steel
Tampa Bay Storm
Chicago Enforcers
Los Angeles Extreme
NY-NJ Hitmen
San Francisco Demons

Let me know if you are interested and what team you would like. Email me at fmlcommish@yahoo.com



Down to just 3 open teams.

Tampa Bay Storm
Los Angeles Extreme
San Francisco Demons

If you are interested or have any questions let me know.  Email me at fmlcommish@yahoo.com


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